Complete and Utter Art Deco Shoe Fatigue

I honestly don’t know how I got there – or what this site is. All I know is that I have never, ever experienced shoe fatigue before. But I sure did today!

Shoe picture fatigue that is.

I ended up on THIS SITE which seems to be some kind of French Museum site (je ne parle pas Français). And BOY oh BOY do they have photos of gorgeous deco women’s shoes. Seemingly all Hellstern and Sons. And some guy named Sarkis Der Balian.

If you’ve spent any time staring at vintage shoes online you’ve no doubt run into this beauty before (which is one of the only photos I’ve seen before that came from this site):


But did you know that that’s only half the story? Check out the heel! Yow!


And that’s not all. They even have a black tone-on-tone version of the same model! Yum.


And the rest of the shoes that gave me unadulterated shoe fatigue? I just clicked and clicked and clicked until my paws were numb!

Here’s a small sampling:
[BTW: it makes me so sad that some of these images are all over the web with absolutely no links back to the original site! Please, please, please – if you use these – or any – photos on your blog: link to the original source! And it would be really, really nice if you’d link to this blog occasionally as well – we spend hundreds and hundreds of hours working hard on it. You might notice that we watermark all of the images on this site. It’s because so many of our images – both photos we found on the web as well as photos we took of footwear we actually own – were lifted by people who gave no credit to the original source and we wanted to stop that. We will always link directly to where we found a photo!]


Yow! Happy clicking!!!


19th Century German Wedding Crown Head piece Made from Goose Feathers

Yeah – I know, it’s not shoes… but it is ultra cool and such a cool part of fashion! I found this on eBay – it’s a wedding headpiece from the 1800s made just like German Christmas trees of the era. To quote information from the listing:

“An unbelievable find, this very rare 19th century headdress from Germany. It’s made from the same technique is also used with the famous German Christmas trees, the so called FederBaume, each feather was treated by hand with a special technique to give the feather the same look as the needles of a Christmas tree. it was a terrible job and one needs a lot of craftsmanship to make such a tree. The same thing has been done with the feathers in this wedding crown. It’s a beautiful mixture of goose feathers, beads, flowers, glass ornaments etc. on the back there is a long white ribbon. it’s overwhelming the choice of materials and the whole beauty of the head piece. It is really a very unique piece in the perfect condition, as you can see in the pics, we found a same headpiece in an historical picture. in those times they were used in weddings in a particular area in Germany. It will not be easy to find a second one.”

Then, while trying to find another historical photo I ran into this great blog post full of historical, enormous wedding headdresses.

1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers8 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers7 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers6 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers5 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers4 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers3 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers2 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers


From an eBay auction.

1910s Women’s Edwardian Heel Clips by Fishel Nessler Co.

Wow. These are beautiful. To quote the original eBay listing:

A gorgeous pair of vintage Victorian/Edwardian heel clips! They were made by the Fishel Nessler Co, and are marked on the bottom FN&Co. Fishel and Nessler was located on 5th Avenue in New York, and made their lovely pieces between 1885 and 1937. These early clips are made with ornate and detailed metal filigree set with rhinestones.  They are designed to fit over a French heeled shoe.

1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co6 1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co5 1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co4 1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co3 1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co2 1910s-womens-edwardian-heel-clips-by-fishel-nessler-co