1920s Ornate Gold and Mesh T-Strap Women’s Dance Shoes

Golden 1920’s T-straps for the flapper girl of today. The floral designs are reminiscent of the renaissance era, but have a twist that is vintage chic. These would be great to match with a golden brooch and hairpiece for that perfect vintage 20’s look. Found on eBay.

Fluoroscope Visited

So last month I had posted about the crazy shenanigans that people would put up with for footwear. Since that post I have been traveling, and what I came across on my trip was an actual vintage fluoroscope. Atlanta’s science museum enticed me in with their pirate exhibit, and upon leaving the exhibit I found a section for crazy health tactics in history.


This picture doesn’t seem to give you an idea on how large this really is. I am about 5’8″ tall and it came up to my chest. Quite a large machine to be using for sizing shoes. They provided an average exposure chart based on your distance.


This gives you a better idea that the customer is at a much larger risk having their feet exposed to 12 R/hr. The R stands for roentgen which is no longer used to measure radiation levels. According to wikipedia about 500 Roentgens in a five hour span can kill a human.


So if you are ever in Atlanta, swing by the science museum and check out this exhibit. They also had a radio set up that transmitted different sounds that were supposed to help sooth a number of disorders/disease. Included in these were paranoia and obesity.

Collections of Blue

These sling-back peep-toe wedges are from the 1940’s. The navy blue, teal, and metallic color combinations make the heel and floral design pop. These wedges have a heart on the back of the heel straps in metallic color (can’t see it in this picture). From a personal collection 🙂