Josephine Baker’s Jazz Band – 1970s pins

(about a 1970s set of jewelry depicting Josephine Baker and her Jazz Band)

Josephine Baker Jazz Band –
Marvelous hand made cut & hammered metal, catalain & bakelite enameled pins of Josephine Baker with 7 members of her jazz band. These pieces were inspired by Paul Colin’s prints of the 1927 “Revue Negre” in Paris.

Provenance: Ginger Moro – author of “European Designer Jewelry”. Hand wrought in France; ca. 1970’s. Dimensions: 3-1/2″ X 3″ each.

From CoachHouse Jewelry:

The rest of her ensemble –

1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin9 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin8 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin7 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin6 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin5 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin4 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin3 1970s-josephine-baker-jazz-band-pin2


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Another version of Josephine: