1920s Nice to Naughty Flapper Mirror

Wow. Being a flapper meant a lot of wonderful new freedoms for women of the Jazz Era. They could dress in non-constricting clothes, smoke, vote, bob their hair, drink, dance, you name it. Along with that came a wilder attitude about sex.

These “trick” risque flapper mirrors nicely illustrate the difference in attitude. I can’t imagine a Gibson Girl carrying such a naughty accoutrement. I love that they’re clearly a “by flappers / for flappers” item. Not something made for a man to show his pals – but an item that a woman would carry. And the first one below… flapper hairdos are not subject matter that would be created for men.

Just flip them over and check out the, er, action! You go grrl!




From eBay auctions.

This one from Hake’s Auctions is a rare “photo” version. A littttttle creepy…

1920s-celluloid-flapper-mirror-goes-from-nice-to-naughty3-from-hakes-dot-comAnd the Busy Beaver Button Company has created a more modern version in gold in case you want to celebrate your freedoms in new-millenium style!


Princess Pat – The Story Behind All That Face Powder

I love deco makeup containers – bottles, compacts, tins, cardboard boxes – round and/or square, etc.

They just went crazy! When you think about it: jewelry, clothing, shoes… you had to get it right – people were going to pay real money for that stuff. But cosmetics? The in-house artist could just go crazy because they were designing a consumable product.

So I got to researching the long history of “Princess Pat” cosmetics. I found that the press dubbed the youngest opera singer ever to appear as a lead at the Metropolitan Opera “Princess Pat” – but that’s not who’s behind the makeup.

Fortunately somebody already did all my homework for me 🙂

Click here to see:
Princess Pat – The Real Story of this Cosmetics Brand

Here are a few photos of the marvelous deco-ness of this brand:

1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder2 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder3 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder4 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder5 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder6 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder7 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder8 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder9 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder10 1920s-1950s-princess-pat-cosmetics-face-powder11