1955 Montgomery Wards Colorful Men’s Dress Shoes



I finally ran into the name of the strange cross between a captoe and a wingtip. Looks like a wingtip – but goes straight across the toe like a captoe!

1955-montgomery-wards-catalog-page-showing-mens-shoe-styles3Found in a 1955 Wards catalog.


1955-montgomery-wards-catalog-page-showing-mens-shoe-stylesI just love how totally full of footwear terms these old catalogs are:



1951 Women’s Brown Fur & Rubber Overshoes with Dated Receipt from Chandler’s Shoe Store

Oh, provenance is so yummy.

These beautifully date themselves with a receipt stating the date they were purchased. Iconic rabbit fur rubber galoshes – meant to be worn over your sexy heels. Most of these are made to be worn over stocky-heeled sensible work shoes. But these have a particularly high heel on them. Chandler’s French Room Shoes are always pretty hot – so it follows that their “rubbers” would be dead sexy!

From the Chandler’s Shoe Store at 174 Main Street in Buffalo, NY.

How are these not being sold today?


From an eBay auction.

1944 Ads for Air Step Shoes

These striking minimalistic ads represent the first year that Air Step (division of the Brown Shoe Company of St. Louis) took leave of its usual run-of-the-mill looking ads and “stepped” out into the world of monochrome. This phase lasted through 1947 when they went back to traditional, but still better than before.


1944-Air-Step-womens-shoes-ad 1944-air-step-ladies-shoes-ad 1944-air-step-womens-high-heel-shoes-ad

From an eBay auction.