Harold Teen: Comics, Books, a 78, Sheet Music and a Fan Art Ukulele from a Swingin’ Teen

Harold Teen definitely had a thing for swing! Debuting in 1919 and ending with the artist’s death, Carl Ed, in 1959, Harold Teen became a youth icon and embraced all things teen – including swing dancing.

1931-harold-teen-book 1939-HAROLD-TEEN-Swinging-At-The-Sugar-Bowl-BIG-LITTLE-BOOK 1950-harold-teen-comic-strip-swinging-at-the-sugar-bowl-10-inch-78-record 1956-harold-teen-original-strip

And the most wondrous thing of all: a fan art ukulele:

1930s-harold-teen-ukulele 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele2 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele3 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele4 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele5 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele6 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele8 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele9 1930s-harold-teen-ukulele10

From eBay auctions.