19th Century German Wedding Crown Head piece Made from Goose Feathers

Yeah – I know, it’s not shoes… but it is ultra cool and such a cool part of fashion! I found this on eBay – it’s a wedding headpiece from the 1800s made just like German Christmas trees of the era. To quote information from the listing:

“An unbelievable find, this very rare 19th century¬†headdress from Germany. It’s made from the same technique is also used with the famous German Christmas trees, the so called FederBaume, each feather was treated by hand with a special technique to give the feather the same look as the needles of a Christmas tree. it was a terrible job and one needs a lot of craftsmanship to make such a tree. The same thing has been done with the feathers in this wedding crown. It’s a beautiful mixture of goose feathers, beads, flowers, glass ornaments etc. on the back there is a long white ribbon. it’s overwhelming the choice of materials and the whole beauty of the head piece. It is really a very unique piece in the perfect condition, as you can see in the pics, we found a same headpiece in an historical picture. in those times they were used in weddings in a particular area in Germany. It will not be easy to find a second one.”

Then, while trying to find another historical photo I ran into this great blog post full of historical, enormous wedding headdresses.

1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers8 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers7 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers6 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers5 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers4 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers3 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers2 1890s-maybe-19th-century-womens-german-wedding-headpiece-made-from-glass-and-goose-feathers


From an eBay auction.