Real Zoot Suit Acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

According to Smithsonian Magazine The Los Angeles County Museum of Art had to pay $80,000 for this beauty – setting a new record for menswear.

Apparently they’re ultra rare because most of them would have been fashioned into more “normal-looking” garments.

Read the original Smithsonian Magazine article here.

They estimate the year of origin to be 1940-42 and the short, wide tie is circa 1945 and is called a “belly warmer”.


1800s American Ephemera Outlining Costs for a Dragoon Uniform

From the eBay auction description:

A very interesting ephemeral item listing, in two columns, all the clothing and accessories needed to completely outfit a dragoon, with costs, including cap, coat, vest, overalls, frocks, trousers, gaithers, shirt, musician’s coat, stockings, socks, shoes, boots, blanket, stock and clasp, cockade and eagle, feather, and cloak. At the bottom it notes: “For the price of a Sergeant’s Clothes, add 10 per cent. To that of Privates- that is, for the Coats, Vests, overall and Shirts; the other garments being the same quality with those of the Privates”.

Although not dated, this sheet is very, very similar to a sheet of the costs of Infantry Clothing in the Ann S.K. Brown Collection at the John Hay Library, dated by the Library as 1800. Dragoons, mounted infantry, were used in the United States armed forces from 1776 to 1861.


Has absolutely noting to do with Swing Era Shoes, but is interesting nonetheless.