1920s Ad for Pontings Shoes


Here is an ad for Ponting’s shoes from the 20’s. Ponting’s was a family owned retail company that sold high end shoes until they sold their business in 1907. They still ran under the same name until the late 50’s, but with new ownership. ¬†This company was based out of London, so it’s easy to say that the styles in the US were the same as in Europe. Historically, America has been known to be behind in the fashion trends. It will be interesting to see if we can start setting more trends for the rest of the foot apparel industry.

1913 Everstick Invisible Rubbers

Just included this one because:

1. It’s interesting to see that you could wear something on the bottom of your shoes to keep the rain out.

2. The headline is such a yummy font.


3. Wow. the “Everstick Invisible Rubber” is funny enough – but: “The Rubbers of a Gentleman” is a downright knee-slapper!

1903 Ad for Crossett Shoes

Ad for Lewis A Crosssett, Inc. Makers of Crosssett Shoes in North Abington, Massachusetts.

For just $3.50 or $4.00 a pair you could have the “most shoe comfort ever produced”.

In 1903 the average per capita income was $449 (just $120 for unskilled female workers!) so a pair of Crossetts would have cost you half a week’s pay.