1920s Red and White Striped Heels

What Is Striped & Red All Over???

These 1920’s style heels. The silver stripe accents are very characteristic of shoe from the roaring twenties.

What Is Striped & Red All Over???

These 1920’s style heels. The silver stripe accents are very characteristic of shoes from the roaring twenties.

1940s Suede Shoes by Walk Over – 1948

Source: Walk Over Shoes

Suede 1940’s shoes with three buckles that strap across the vamp.

Source: Walk Over Shoes

You can get these from dancestore.com, made by Aris Allen, and they are super cute. I always stay away from high heels because they are very strenuous on one’s feet, but these are totally comfy.

Below is a 1948 ad showing a model wearing what is clearly a prototype of them as they don’t look exactly like the vintage ones in the photograph above. Magazine ad illustrations rarely looked exactly like the real thing – in fact many back in the day had little disclaimers: “these drawings are actual photographs”! Especially brands like Air Step with their wildly exaggerated heels. When you see actual Air Step shoes they don’t look a thing like the ads. Red Cross is another brand that, for the life of me, I can never find a real-life version of the shoes in the ads! Maybe the ones in the ads were bait-and-switch… lure them in with a $50 shoe, send them home with a $6 one.

 Another ad for this shoe is posted here: 1948 Walk-Over Shoes Ad.


And below – the Aris Allen version (click here to see the original of this shoe in the Aris Allen Baltimore Shoeseum):

Source: Aris Allen

1920s Photo of Bathing Beauty with Swim Shoes by Hood Seaview

Source: Chuckman’s Photo WordPress via Mack Sennett Comedies

Photo from the 1920’s depicting a woman in her bathing attire. I can only imagine the tan lines those shoes would give her.

Source: Contentment Farm via Hood Sea View

1920’s bathing shoes resembling the ones in the picture above.

1920s Ornate Gold and Mesh T-Strap Women’s Dance Shoes

Golden 1920’s T-straps for the flapper girl of today. The floral designs are reminiscent of the renaissance era, but have a twist that is vintage chic. These would be great to match with a golden brooch and hairpiece for that perfect vintage 20’s look. Found on eBay.

1920s Ad for Pontings Shoes


Here is an ad for Ponting’s shoes from the 20’s. Ponting’s was a family owned retail company that sold high end shoes until they sold their business in 1907. They still ran under the same name until the late 50’s, but with new ownership.  This company was based out of London, so it’s easy to say that the styles in the US were the same as in Europe. Historically, America has been known to be behind in the fashion trends. It will be interesting to see if we can start setting more trends for the rest of the foot apparel industry.