Black and Ivory

Color scheme in mind, a 1930’s outfit I would die to have…

The Dress.

Source: J. Peterman Company

1930’s double layer lace gown made by J. Peterman.

The dress is called Bricktop after the American jazz singer, dancer, and vaudeville performer, Ada “Bricktop” Smith.

The Coat & Scarf.

Source: Couture Allure

The dress could easily be worn by itself, but on those cold winter nights this 1930’s coat and scarf will keep you warm and vintage chic. The coat is black velvet and both are newly available among couture allure’s collection of vintage items for sale.

The Necklace.


Keeping with the 1930’s black and ivory theme, here we have a Bakelite necklace available. Bakelite has made a ton of vintage dress clips, pins, baubles, and other jewelry. From my experience, quality has always been wonderful.

The Shoes.

Source: Aris Allen

1930’s style black and ivory pumps from Aris Allen.

Aris Allen shoes have been the most comfortable and affordable vintage reproduction shoes I have found. I think this particular shoe would be a perfect match to the Bakelite necklace. After all accessories can make the outfit.

Any additions any of you, my vintage fashion savvy readers, would add or change?

Men – What would you wear to compliment this outfit?

1920s Ad for Pontings Shoes


Here is an ad for Ponting’s shoes from the 20’s. Ponting’s was a family owned retail company that sold high end shoes until they sold their business in 1907. They still ran under the same name until the late 50’s, but with new ownership.  This company was based out of London, so it’s easy to say that the styles in the US were the same as in Europe. Historically, America has been known to be behind in the fashion trends. It will be interesting to see if we can start setting more trends for the rest of the foot apparel industry.

Pucker Up Heels (Shoes with Lipstick Holders)

These shoes from the 1920s and have holsters for your lipstick. Now you can quick draw with your girlfriends anywhere. Or you can bring your color with you for a night on the town. We need more shoes like these for today’s needs when women go out.

1940s Popular Styles of the Forties

These images feature a catalog look at shoe styles from the 1940’s.

All are peep-toe heeled 1940’s sandals. Pyramid, wedge, or french heel are some options to stand upon.

All of these are oxfords, and lace up the front. You could have a round toe, peep-toe, or square toe.

Pump it up!!! We’ve got a continental heel in this image, maybe that was one of the precursors to a kitten heel.

Mesh Oxfords for Men


Here is a City Club brand Men’s Oxford shoe. It has what’s called a flying wingtip style that you wouldn’t normally think of as a wingtip. I like this shoe because it’s a mens shoe that features mesh material, and stands out among the other vintage spectator shoes for men out there. From a personal collection 🙂

This is a 1940’s style of shoe, but has the craftsmanship of the 1950’s really. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Silver and Gold

1940’s Vintage Gold Leather Sandals with ankle strap.

These shoes are gorgeous metallic gold leather high heeled sandals with thick leather covered heels and hot ankle straps. They would make a great pair of dancing shoes whether you swing dance or do the cha cha. These are another pair of  “Bonwit Teller Fifth Avenue” shoes.

Found these on ebay

Vintage Silver Leather Strappy Sandals Delman 1940’s

These shoes are beautifully made sandals of metallic silver leather with an interesting intertwining strap design vamp. It has a sling back adjustable leather strap with rhinestone buckles. Again another pair of shoes that would make a great dance shoe.

These have the high arch of shoes typical of the 1940’s era. Stamped inside “Delman Deluxe; Delman New York, Chicago, London, Paris”.

Found on ebay.

1910s Saddle Shoes

Here is a pair of black patent leather and canvas classic 2 tone Spectator style shoes with stacked wood heels from about 1918; The toes and all the trim are perforated.

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They have leather soles and this is the original box. They are ” Walk Over” brand.

Just look at the detail on the heel…