Black and Ivory

Color scheme in mind, a 1930’s outfit I would die to have…

The Dress.

Source: J. Peterman Company

1930’s double layer lace gown made by J. Peterman.

The dress is called Bricktop after the American jazz singer, dancer, and vaudeville performer, Ada “Bricktop” Smith.

The Coat & Scarf.

Source: Couture Allure

The dress could easily be worn by itself, but on those cold winter nights this 1930’s coat and scarf will keep you warm and vintage chic. The coat is black velvet and both are newly available among couture allure’s collection of vintage items for sale.

The Necklace.


Keeping with the 1930’s black and ivory theme, here we have a Bakelite necklace available. Bakelite has made a ton of vintage dress clips, pins, baubles, and other jewelry. From my experience, quality has always been wonderful.

The Shoes.

Source: Aris Allen

1930’s style black and ivory pumps from Aris Allen.

Aris Allen shoes have been the most comfortable and affordable vintage reproduction shoes I have found. I think this particular shoe would be a perfect match to the Bakelite necklace. After all accessories can make the outfit.

Any additions any of you, my vintage fashion savvy readers, would add or change?

Men – What would you wear to compliment this outfit?

1920s Ad for Pontings Shoes


Here is an ad for Ponting’s shoes from the 20’s. Ponting’s was a family owned retail company that sold high end shoes until they sold their business in 1907. They still ran under the same name until the late 50’s, but with new ownership.  This company was based out of London, so it’s easy to say that the styles in the US were the same as in Europe. Historically, America has been known to be behind in the fashion trends. It will be interesting to see if we can start setting more trends for the rest of the foot apparel industry.

1940s Popular Styles of the Forties

These images feature a catalog look at shoe styles from the 1940’s.

All are peep-toe heeled 1940’s sandals. Pyramid, wedge, or french heel are some options to stand upon.

All of these are oxfords, and lace up the front. You could have a round toe, peep-toe, or square toe.

Pump it up!!! We’ve got a continental heel in this image, maybe that was one of the precursors to a kitten heel.

Mesh Oxfords for Men


Here is a City Club brand Men’s Oxford shoe. It has what’s called a flying wingtip style that you wouldn’t normally think of as a wingtip. I like this shoe because it’s a mens shoe that features mesh material, and stands out among the other vintage spectator shoes for men out there. From a personal collection 🙂

This is a 1940’s style of shoe, but has the craftsmanship of the 1950’s really. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Wear before Labor Day

These white shoes would look great with an Easter dress or wedding gown. Creamy white, soft leather, oxford 1930’s style shoe will help you put your best foot forward for any big occasion. The brand is “Brown Bilt”  which is early Air Step, and the style is called “Wht Kid Naomi 4Eye Tie Vogue U”

Vintage – these were worn in a 1939 wedding.  These peep toe, strapped heels are in very good condition from the 30s. Great 30s design with the cross over front design.

Here’s a pretty pair of “Boulevard” ivory classic Mary Jane style shoes from about 1920; You can see the special details include a checkerboard inset on the vamp, a square toe, and a 5-sided heel. It closes at the top center with enameled Art Deco style buckles. These would make fantastic dancing shoes or are perfect for a chic wedding.

All available on

Blues Skies Smiling At Me

This blues Oxford style shoe has mesh accents in the vamp of the shoe. I love that the laces match the color of the rest of the shoe. This particular shoe also has a peep toe to share your latest manicure! VINTAGE REPLICA

Available for $198 (Ouch!)

This granny style oxford has a classic look with lacing through tear drop shaped eyelets. The stitching on the toes give it a very distinct look. I’ve had my eye on these shoes for a while now, but alas… my feet are too big. VINTAGE

Found this pair on

Sling backs! This vintage styled shoe has studded heels and detailing. Peep toes allow this shoe to work for both fall and spring. And who doesn’t love a teal pair of sling backs with an orange spring dress! VINTAGE REPLICA

Used to be available on zappos 🙁

But I found its cognac twin for just under $170